Sunday, November 13, 2016


Today's entry finds Hogan now in his forever home - it was just that quick. "E" called enquiring about Hogan earlier in the week, we had a conversation and I learned quickly just how much she loves cats. Her last cat Tuck, passed away this past Spring - originally born in the beautiful state of Arizona, Tuck became a Northern boy and was adored and loved until his final day. "E" came by today, met Hogan (who absolutely knew something was amiss), and within an hour was completing the adoption paperwork and we were picking out one his favourite toys among the plethra of many that he loved, for him to take to his new home.

We're so happy for him that he now can reside as the true King of his Castle and thank him for allowing us to get to know him and for being such a good boy. It was a tough foster in some respects, not because Hogan was misbehaving in any way, but rather because he didn't enjoy the company of others cats and with our Rocky, that spells alot of tense moments which is never fun for anyone.

So tonight it's a new adventure for Hogan and an empty foster room for us...............


  1. THAT IS GREAT NEWS !!!we are looking forward to updates !!! and on your next houseguest !