Friday, June 24, 2016


Several weeks later and this is Smartie. Soooooo sweet and his favourite thing of all is hopping up into our laps for quality loving. He's still nervous about some things (ie: terrified of plastic bags), but he's so much better than when he first arrived. He's also starting to stay quiet all night long, for a while there he would cry in the night pretty much every night of the week - moving here was very hard on him.

So when he's not being cute and lovey, he likes to chase Silly around the house for horseplay. You can imagine how well that goes over..............Rocky he just tries to avoid like the plague! *L* He's has alot of kitten like qualities still which is just too cute and makes him all that more endearing.

We're hopeful that his forever family is right around the next corner.


  1. such a handsome boy. he looks so confident now. we hope his fab 4-ever home is just around the corner.

  2. YAY, it is so nice to see them thrive in your care