Saturday, February 13, 2016


If CeeCee is still a guest with us here at Safe Haven than I would say she's taking ALOT of liberties. This sprawled out "I'm relaxing" attitude has become very commonplace and not only that, but she doesn't even restrict her lounging to just one place in the house. Oh no, in true, typical female fashion, she stretches herself out wherever and whenever it strikes her fancy.............the boys can deal with that (or not)!

I just rewrote her bio for the rescue's website. Thank you Tails from the Foster Kittens for your comment regarding how the love someone reads in what I write about her, will ultimately make that person want to meet and adopt her. I reflected on that and decided quickly that my first attempt at her write up just didn't convey her awesome personality adequately enough - so I resubmitted.

In a nutshell, we just love her. She's a total lovebug, I still cannot believe that someone would send a cat this incredible and sweet off to die.


  1. she sure looks relaxed and trusting !! we are praying CeeCee finds her fab 4-ever home soon !

  2. She is such a adorable girl! And sounds so sweet :-) I hope she finds her forever home very soon xoxo

  3. People floor me time and time again..

    I hope your new bio hooks someone quickly.. she looks like she would make any cat lover happy.

    (My name is Connie just so you know)