Monday, September 5, 2016


At about Noon time today, it was official - Smartie has his forever home. We had a lovely couple come out to meet him on Saturday, and they really liked him. Smartie himself was somewhat nervous for the meet n' greet (which we expected and I had forewarned them about), but overall he did great considering where he was just afew short months ago. They came back today to complete paperwork and pay the adoption fee, and will return this Saturday to take him home.

This check out from the Safe Haven will be hard for me. The ones that come struggling and then bloom so much while here, always are. I feel so protective of him and I've done my best to ensure that his new parents understand his adjustment to their family will take time. He will share his space with an 11 yr old male kitty, and I hope that he is kind to our boy and that they get along.

Perhaps it's fostering au revoir time............


  1. congrats to Smartie for finding his fab new forever home ! Looking forward to hearing about the next houseguest ...

  2. I know exactly what you mean. no matter what you tell yourself, no matter how you try to get past it.. you still ache. Hopefully they will give you an update

  3. We know it must be difficult but he has a wonderful home now because of you. We hope they will send you updates and you can certainly ask them to do so when they come to collect him on Saturday :)

    the critters in the cottage xo