Sunday, October 29, 2017


We are without a foster at present. The furniture has all been repaired, and we're focusing on our own boys right now, especially since our Rocky is becoming alot more fragile health wise.

But this post isn't meant to be another downer; no this one is to share some wonderful news and shots I received afew months ago from a previous adopter. "M" took Quincy (now called Oscar), home with her two years ago. She's kind enough to drop us a note from time to time, letting us know how her sweet boy is doing and this time around, the update was even more precious as we learned that Oscar has a new feline sister AND a brother in an ex-greyhound dog that "M" adopted. They live in the country now in the Maritimes, and Oscar has been very good about adapting.

See for yourself..........

Doesn't that just put a smile on your face? - it sure did ours!!

Thursday, September 21, 2017


I know my entries have been non existent for abit. There's been a great deal going on and I was hoping to write when I had better news but since it's not coming in the foreseeable future, I thought it best to at least acknowledge it.

A week ago this past Tuesday we discovered that Dooley had once again urinated on our livingroom sofa. That was with full plastic in place (he crawled under it), and while we left him out unsupervised during a day at work. Truth be told, we were convinced that his accidents had been as a result of his urinary crystals and since he had been placed on prescription food and was using litterboxes perfectly, we let our guard down. It's really hard to know what the cause is, but we're hopeful that now it's the fact that our boy Silly and Dooley don't always get along, and that a home on his own might be just what the doctor ordered. Sooooooo this coming Saturday we're moving him to a foster space where he'll be the only pet in the hopes that that is the magical answer.

As if it wasn't sad and frustating enough to know that we couldn't see him adopted from our home, he also had WONDERFUL adopters who were interested in him last weekend that we had to let know that sadly he could not be adopted currently until the source of this issue is resolved. They were so appreciative of our honesty, and I try to console myself by remembering that everything happens for a reason, but right now the only thing I feel is a big mix of sadness and defeat as I'm really going to miss this boy.

Not sure where this road leads at present, this experience has been awful for all involved, but hopefully time will tell.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017


I know it's been several weeks since I last wrote, to say it's been abit crazy would be putting it mildly.......

First off, our darling Dooley is still with us but just. That's due to the fact that almost three weeks ago now, he urinated on our leather sofa practically right in front of us, and then as we scrambled to clean and cover some other leather pieces we had as well, it was discovered that a brand new chair in our home office had been urinated on more than once, unbeknownst to us. We were furious, then devastated, then furious some more.................the sofa and chair are custom made, very expensive and items that we saved for in order to acquire. Even typing it makes me cringe because I know how it makes us sound, but believe me when I tell you that it's pretty easy to say that materials things don't matter until you see them damaged right in front of your eyes.

We immediately made plans to have Dooley moved to another foster home because inappropriate urinating was just a deal breaker for us - and it was also a first in almost 140 fosters if you can believe it!!. Not only were hubby and I both upset, we started fighting with one another and suddenly Dooley was "my cat" - not nice. However, there aren't alot of foster parents who want to take in a foster that is having litterbox issues so almost a full week went by and there was still no place to move him to. In the interim, we also decided to take him in to the vet for an urinalysis just to be sure there wasn't anything wrong medically to bring on such behaviour. Turns out that he has struvite crystals and a very elevated PH Balance - BINGO, BIG PROBLEM that explained his actions.............he was trying to tell us that he wasn't feeling well.

Soooooo with my house looking somewhat like a storage unit because we continue to keep furniture covered, Dooley is now on a prescribed diet and is doing wonderfully! It's been very stressful, and continues to be so to some degree because we're not sure if he'll start again, but we are really trying at this point to see past this because it is what it is, it's happened (and taken weeks to clean our furniture which we're still working on), and we really want to see him adopted into a good forever home and not have to put him through the stress of another move before that comes.

And in other news...............remember beautiful Beaumont that we returned to his owner when they appeared? Well we received a call this week that he's been found outside again by the same TNR colony caretaker who trapped him the first time. Appears that his owner suffers from mental health issues and not only is not taking care of him, but is also quite possibly a cat hoarder. So utterly heartbreaking to hear this news, especially since he was rescued once, had the potential for a wonderful forever home, and now finds himself homeless again.

Sigh - onwards and upwards.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017


This post is simply going to tell you what an absolute little darling our Dooley is being (I've even started calling him DooleyBean) - I am totally and helplessly in love with this little jar of marmalade, and he was just what I needed to help me get over losing Beaumont.

He has been so good and after a full week with us, the only thing I'm hoping for is that the 2nd week goes slowly so that I don't have to put him on the website too soon.

Anyone who can resist him once he's up for adoption has some serious issues me thinks *L*

Wednesday, July 19, 2017


Tonight after getting home from work, we went right over to the shelter and picked up this cutiepie.............we're going to call him Dooley.

Approximately 6 yrs of age, evidently someone had been feeding him outside for the past two years. So far, except for abit of talking on the way home in the car, he's been very calm. We'll have much better pictures shortly, but for now trust us when we say he's got the SWEETEST face!!!

Monday, July 3, 2017


When we welcomed Beaumont into our home several weeks ago, he had been located by a feral feeder from the rescue as a stray that she came upon and had been feeding for a number of weeks prior to his being rescued. Lost and found posters went up for him just prior to him joining us here at Safe Haven and we could tell immediately from the beautiful condition of his coat and his super friendly nature, that he hadn't been homeless long.

Fast forward to this past Wednesday when we got a call from the feral feeder that had originally rescued him, that she had received a call from someone that day indicating that they thought Beaumont was their lost cat. I have to say that in rescue there are instances where people looking for a beloved pet who has been lost will reach out to us, but rarely do those calls ever result in reuniting pets with owners because 9 times out of 10, it doesn't turn out to be their pet after all.

After a initial discussion with this owner (where she provided abit of information that led us to believe that Beaumont may very well be hers), we arranged for her to come by and meet him so we could all know for sure. The long and short of it is that he is hers and apparently escaped his home after she had become ill and was hospitalized. Beaumont was pretty stressed when she came as there were a number of people in the house and he doesn't do well with alot of commotion, but picture comparison as well as her describing some of his quirky habits, all confirmed that he was indeed hers.

There is another part to this whole situation in that the rescue has not only paid for vaccinations, defleaing and deworming for Beaumont but he also had to have some dental work done so there are vet expenses that will have to be recouped from the owner prior to reuniting them permanently. This aspect hasn't really gone over very well with the owner but as explained to her, the costs are at a huge discount AND we are not running a vetting service. It's been extremely stressful dealing with all of this, and of course now that we know Beaumont has a home, this has turned into feeling more like a cat sitting situation than real rescue of this darling boy.

This will have to be resolved this coming week as we have another homeless boy (who is truly homeless this time), who is in need of saving and we need to get back to the business of proper rescue. Still, there's mixed feelings on our part over how things have unfolded - we're just trying to remember that everything happens for a reason and we helped Beaumont when he needed it.

Saturday, June 17, 2017


We've been keeping in pretty close contact with Muff's new Mom since she took him home a couple of weeks ago and we're thrilled to report that everything is going great! He and his new feline roommate Dipsy (geez how I love that name for a kitty!) have been getting to know one another slowly but all indications are that they will be friends in no time. True to fashion, Muff has been on his best behavior and "A" his Mom just sounds more and more smitten with him every time she emails us!

So without further adieu, here is a picture of our gorgeous fella in his new digs - looking pretty happy I'd say......