Saturday, March 26, 2016


I just submitted Karma's bio and pictures to the rescue's website. Hard to believe that two weeks since her arrival has already come and gone, but I think she'll be much happier to move to a home without other cats as she's not enjoying sharing her space with the boys at all.

She becomes a little more trusting each day, but is still quite quick to let you know if you're doing something not to her liking. Brushing her is proving an event all unto itself - I actually have to get hubby to help me since she's not a huge fan of the brush and always ends up rolling herself up into a tight ball and swatting at me for the most part when I try to groom her. Anyone listening on the other side of a door when we're brushing her would think we were killing her the way she carries on! I'm not sure if perhaps her previous owner was somewhat rough with the brush, or if the fac that she has that fine hair which knots so easily is more the cause of her displeasure? Either way, I can brush her out and not ten minutes later her coat will have her looking like a drowned rat all over again - very frustrating to say the least.

Her new thing is hopping up onto the bed with me at night and snuggling in beside me while I'm reading or watching t.v. She likes to lay in the crook of my arm, kneading and purring very sweet. I've begun calling her my little muffin. :))


  1. such a lovely sweet little lady !! I too once had a kitty who had fur/hair of the same texture as Karma, and he too hated to be brushed, yet if it wasn't done frequently and consistently, the fur would mat and knot. I had some luck with a very soft small nail brush... you might want to give that a try, and for a short period of time and quickly too. good luck and happy Easter to you all!

  2. jack's fur has taken a turn for the worst too, but I fear it is because his thyroid is off - and it is spring when his coat is shedding anyway.