Saturday, February 6, 2016


CeeCee arrived home last night after having a sleepover at the vet clinic so she could get her teeth cleaned. The great news is that no extractions were required and now her pearlies are white again! I was so happy to see her when I got home from work yesterday, I worried over how scared she would be in a cage yet again, and felt horrible that she had to stay overnight but now it's all behind us. :))

She's been doing really well although she remains somewhat on edge around the boys (surprise, surprise) and there's absolutely no love loss between her and Rocky - another surprise, surprise. She is so affectionate and can often be found falling asleep with her head resting in my lap or on my arm or against my leg; and she loves nothing more than affection, affection, affection. I just submitted her bio and pictures to the website, something I found hard to do since I already find myself attached but which must be done because of that very feeling - I cannot keep her and she cannot stay but if all the homeless and unwanted cats in the world found homes tomorrow, than it's a surety that hers would be here with me.


  1. such a lovely sweet girl. We pay CeeCee's fab forever home is around the corner.

  2. Let's keep our fingers crossed that someone else falls hard for her :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  3. oh you know someone is going to fall for her.. when you have someone who loves a cat talk about that cat, it is evident how awesome they are.