Wednesday, February 24, 2016


CeeCee has been here a month and exactly one week from today, she will make the trek to her new forever home. Yes you read correctly..........she was adopted last night and will be picked up next Wednesday March 2nd. Her new Mom is moving homes and wants to make sure that she gets all the big stuff done before bringing CeeCee to live with her so she doesn't become too scared with too much commotion.

"J" is a lovely young woman who was really looking for a senior kitty to adopt because she wanted to help an older cat that might be getting overlooked. If that wasn't lovely enough, she's a HUGE animal lover, comes from a family of animal lovers, and was totally taken with CeeCee almost from the word go. I was worried our girl would be overly nervous with a stranger, but she really liked "J", so much so that she was licking her toes by the end of their visit! *L*

I'm really really going to miss this beauty - she's been so loving and sweet. "J" offered to have us visit anytime we like but of course that's not possible for me. The only way I can continue to do what I do and let them go, is if I really let them go and keep forging ahead to the next one that needs our help. I read wise counsel recently that I take with me everywhere now....

The Past Is To Be Remembered But Not Lived In.


  1. how lovely LM .... so happy 4 CeeCee !!!! We know Rocky will be happy too !!

  2. I enjoy reading about adoptions. It is indeed difficult to let them go (which is why I've kept three of my fosters), but each one takes a piece of you with her, because you made it possible for the adoption. Good luck, CeeCee, though I doubt you'll need it.

  3. Congratulations to her people!

    I'm so impressed with the number of cats you get adopted out of your house

  4. Congratulations to CeeCee and her new Pet Mom. As a person who was lucky enough to adopt a kitty from you, I can say first hand that you are remarkable and your devotion to kitties in need greatly impact the kitty's lives and the lucky Adopter's lives. Keep up the great work!!!!