Monday, September 5, 2011


Doesn't he look great? Doesn't this picture just make you want to kiss him to death and cuddle him until he squirms out of your arms? Doesn't his little face just say it all? I've looked at this picture countless times since snapping it this past weekend - and it's one of the cutest I've ever taken I think.

Red is thriving just two weeks after joining us indoors. He's putting on weight, he's settling in and appearing less restless, and he's even begun playing games of tag/chase with our Silly which is always a great sign. I find myself looking at him constantly, when he's sleeping, when he's eating, when he's grooming and when he's laying down relaxed like he is here, enjoying all the things that every kitty deserves to experience - the comforts of a safe, warm, cozy environment. I still can scarcely believe that he's with us and it may take abit more time before it actually sinks in that we were successful in rescuing him.

Now that Farley's future is so bright and full of all things good, I'm completely turned toward Red and his future which awaits him. It's the natural progression of things in fostering for me - once I know that my last little friend is well and on his way, I can then refocus and begin again. I've already had one inquiry for Red and the family visited with him this past weekend but we were all somewhat skeptical that it was the right fit for him and them, so we continue to enjoy his company for abit longer.

One of our fellow rescue volunteers indicated prior to the family arriving, that she hoped they'd love him as much as we do. And then my husband after their visit, said that because of all the odds that Red had to fight against to survive, he cannot go to a home of anything less than one that will cherish and spoil him entirely and wholeheartedly - just the way he deserves. It's nice to hear those words from others because sometimes I think I'm the lone soldier whose the only one to pull out the testing stick of worthiness for potential adopters.

I can't wait to meet the person/s who will open up their hearts so that we can see just how perfect they would be for our Red. I don't know what they will look like, but I know what they will sound like and how they will say it; and it's going to be so wonderful when they do finally get here.

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