Saturday, November 20, 2010


I'm writing again so soon simply because if I don't record what's been going on here since 7:00am this morning, I might be inclined not to believe it myself later on!

Firstly, we've named our new little houseguest.......Buster. It wasn't without its debates, and your suggestions for new names were greatly appreciated and all tried out, however, in the end Buster just seemed to come from nowhere and appears to be the perfect fit!

We decided that having been quarantined since last Wednesday night, this morning was a good time to begin the introductions and see what we were all in for. I'm not even remotely kidding or exaggerating when I share with you what we were faced with after only 30 minutes of Buster's emergence from his "private quarters" (as we like to lovingly refer to them)............

He has not growled, hissed, arched his back in a territorial posture or even so much as hinted at being dominant, aggressive or pushy. In fact, he sauntered out of his room, had a leisurely jaunt through the upstairs of the house, proceeded to the main level and then through the basement, stopped at Rocky's food bowl for a quick bite (why not when food presents itself?), and then oh so naturally proceeded to hop up on the sofa and voila!..........looked at me as much to say "Awwww finally, this will do nicely".

He has greeted Rocky and Silly both with enthusiasm and friendliness and has already tried to engage Sylvester in play (Rocky he's realized will take abit longer to win over). Oh and did I mention that I'm in total shock?, that we are in total shock?......I mean I've had some pretty easygoing fosters in my time, but all this within 30 minutes - I think we've absolutely set some sort of a record here.

Who in their right mind would let go of a cat so handsome and so amazing as this? What a fool who thought that they were getting the upper hand by dropping Buster off at a shelter; clearly he's having the last laugh.


  1. He certainly does look like he's made himself look right at home!

  2. what a great kitty and beautiful story !! Love the pix too, he looks so comfortable and secure !

  3. Awww! he looks like a buster and what an easy start to a new beginning! You are so lucky!!

  4. So nice when things work out :-)