Tuesday, July 6, 2010


We're currently working on our backyard (I know on the hottest day of the year), and as you can see, Rascal & Silly are hard at work as well - at relaxing.

All I can think to myself as I discover them resting yet again, is how wonderful it must be to be a cat and have this much time for napping.

We're so grateful that we can offer our furboys shelter and coolness from this heat wave but we can't help but think of the countless kitties in our midst who not only don't have a soft, cool place to escape this heat, but who roam our city streets in search of food and water.

Treasure the love you have with your little friends, and may each of us do all that we can to help those among us who cannot help themselves.

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  1. very sweet pics of kitties, what a life, eh !!