Saturday, July 17, 2010


As Rascal rests all stretched out on our livingroom floor with a warm July breeze blowing over him gently, we sit back and shake our heads in amazement that he is still with us.
Below is my having captured him transfixed by a squirrel taunting him from a nearby tree in our I wish every person considering adopting, could come by and meet him - how they would all be fighting to take him home!

Once again it's all because he's a black kitty - don't you know they are bad luck?! *L* I actually can't even say that with a straight I'd like to have a word or two with the ding a ling that started that fable!!
This next picture is him incognito..............stalking Rocky & Silly during the course of one of their many games of chase - (he thinks the grocery bag has him well hidden from their line of sight).

Rascal is the kind of kitty that you would never tire of kissing, squishing, holding, kissing some more, and loving - he's just that adorable and cute beyond description. We know because he's been staying with us almost 2 months and we do it almost every day - lucky, lucky us!!

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  1. He too is a lucky boy. He is simply gorgeous !