Tuesday, August 9, 2016


Smartie has been with us 3 months now. A couple of people have expressed interest but it didn't even get to the conversation stage with us as they all changed their minds about him before meeting him. I know that means they weren't the right family for him and yet, it's difficult when fostering turns into months because it will be that much harder all the way around to say goodbye when the time comes.

That said, he's doing great. He's morphed into quite the little suck and has to have his lap snuggle with Mom every night now before I head upstairs for bed. Hubby pointed out that it's not his lap he seeks (which I hadn't actually realized), so it gave me a nice feeling to know that he seeks me out for that affection time. Smartie is still at least initially terrified of alot of things, and can practically jump out of his own skin with many of them, but his recovery time from those incidents is alot faster now and he also thoroughly enjoys keeping our Silly young by constantly trying to spar him into wrestling matches. *L*

He's a nice boy who just needs a nice home - may it come.


  1. such a sweet boy. The right time will come LM ... so nice to see how far Smartie has come out of his shell.