Saturday, January 16, 2016


Mocha went to her forever home last night...........

A woman enquired, we met, Mocha wasn't shy, the woman was smitten, and the rest (as they say), is history. Actually, really until about the 9th hour it remained unseen if Mocha would actually make the journey from here since I awoke yesterday morning to find her suffering from abit of diahrea. I made the adopter aware, and decided to see how she was upon my coming back from work last night. When I got in the door, she was waiting patiently by her food dish for her evening snack of wet. We then had a brushing session (where she purred up a storm), and in every other way, seemed completely like herself. I spoke at length with the adopter when she arrived to pick her up and it was mutually decided that we'd let her go home and see how things unfold.

Bottom line is that Mocha was absolutely miserable here living with other cats. If her tummy issues are at all stress related from being in that environment, than I wanted to remove her from it and see if things settled down at all. Should she end up being returned due to any underlying health issues, than at least we'll then know we're dealing with something more serious - but for the moment it was viewed more as nothing ventured, nothing gained, and this was one time when we were prepared to step out of our comfort zone in order to determine where it would take us.

In Mocha's case, this was truly just a stop - a refuge so that she could be saved. She wouldn't have been able to stay here much longer without it affecting her adversley, so prayers said that all goes smoothly and she's now home for good.

We shall see........

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  1. LM- we pray that this is Mocha's forever loving home ... let us know how she is doing