Saturday, July 18, 2015


We've been able to capture some really lovely shots of Marigold these past couple of weeks. Our Queen is no fan of the boys, and she tries to make it plain as day to them on a constant basis that she wishes to be treated as such. Her latest trick is attempting to swat them as they pass her, and she also tends to block whole doorways with her um.........buxom self, in the hopes of forcing them to stay stranded in whatever part of the house their in until she so deems it. Silly has adjusted accordingly, he either simply jumps over her or runs at a much quicker speed past her than she can react to. Rocky on the other hand, hisses and spits just enough that she seems to squeeze over enough to let him pass - I don't think she's entirely confidant that she can take on our tough nut.

No adoption calls for Marigold as of yet but it's plainly evident that she needs to be the Queen and loyal subjects are not preferred; so a home on her own will be best, which may take abit longer to find our girl.


We've also received some terrific photos Quincy (now known as Oscar) and our famous duo, Bumble & Ziggy which we thought you might enjoy having a peek at. All the boys have gone to amazing forever homes, and we love it that their parents send us updates along the way so that we too can see how they are flourishing. It's great food for the soul when your in the trenches of rescue and you see so much neglect, abandonement and abuse.


Bumble & Ziggy:


  1. It DOES do the soul good to see how content those three boys are. Hooray for happily ever afters :) We hope Marigold gets her purrfect home soon too. :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  2. how wonderful to hear that Oscar and the boys are so happy and loved ... we are praying that the best forever home for Marigold is just around the corner !