Friday, May 8, 2015


Hubby went to pick up our new foster earlier this afternoon......

At 8 years of age, this poor boy found himself wandering into a feral colony where thankfully yet another cat smart rescue worker and colony caretaker, realizing in very short order that he was not feral, took him to Animal Services in the hopes of having him saved - and saved he was.

We have yet to name him but so far we can say that he's been a complete sweetheart. He wants nothing more than to cuddle up beside you, making sure he's touching you, purring up a storm. He also appears to like suckling on our clothing while kneading his paws. Normally a sign that a cat has been weaned from it's Mommy too soon, we've never had a cat this mature doing it so we suspect it may just be a comfort thing for the moment.

It's obvious due to his skinny frame and unhealthy coat, that finding himself living outdoors was not a fun experience and one in which he was suffering for who knows how long. Someone, somewhere loved him at one point that much is plain to see. Then, someone, somewhere tossed him outside like a piece of garbage - and for that I hope they feel the wrath of God.

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  1. such a handsome boy !!! and a lucky one to have landed on your doorstep. Looking forward to the updates ... have you had any updates about Bumble and Ziggy ?