Sunday, February 15, 2015


With Fisher's impending journey to his forever home next weekend, we reached out to the rescue on Friday to say that we would be ready for our next guest here at the Safe Haven. Literally, within minutes, one of the rescue coordinators emailed me back with a one line email that read: "Ask, and ye shall receive".

There was a senior boy (9 years old) who had been surrendered to the shelter system just the day before. He was badly matted and needed a dental appointment, so of course we agreed to help him and whisked to the vet he was - we'll meet him later this week. Then on Saturday morning, another one line email greeted me upon rising that read: "Here's your new foster's brother, sure you can't help him too?". With the guest room empty, how could we say no to allowing these two boys to stay together?

So no sooner was hubby awake, than we found ourselves in the car driving through a snow squall on the 401 to the other end of the city to pick up "Sam" (as an owner surrender this is his name). Seven years of age, he is one sweet, sweet, sweet kitty!!! Snuggly, friendly, loving, gentle and very purry, he hasn't stopped showing us his gratefulness for helping him to safety. He has however one of the most horribly matted coats we have ever seen, there isn't a spot on his entire body that isn't a mess of rock hard, tight matts. It would have taken a very long time for him to get into this condition, and it breaks our hearts to think of how long he's been suffering under what must be such pain. He's off to the vet on Tuesday to be sedated for a complete that his beautiful coat can grow back in healthy and be properly cared for from hereonin.

The BEST part is that he doesn't know it yet, but when he returns to us on Wednesday, it will be with his brother beside him - they'll come to stay here as our guests together. What could be better :))

For now, here are pictures of Sam - further photos to show brother #2 will be forthcoming later this week.


  1. This story is a tear jerker. How great that the two brothers can stay together. The reunion will be amazing.

  2. Welcome Sam. I am sorry to hear about your furs being all matted, but you will be feeling better very soon.

  3. lovely handsome face ... so good to hear he and his bro will be together at safe haven ... looking forward to reading their daily anecdotes !!

  4. OMC! This little man Sam, has the face of an angel! We are so happy he is in your good hands and that this brother will soon be joining him :)

    the critters in the cottage xo