Tuesday, November 26, 2013


I pound the keyboard quite happily tonight in order to be able to say that by gosh, I think we've turned a corner in the world of our Garfield!

Since being placed on the allergen free food, his eyes have cleared up completely, his chin acne is well on it's way to being under control, and his stool is forming nicely (so sorry if that's too much info!). I'm so relieved I could sing :)

As well, his spirits appear to have picked up somewhat too (is that reaching I wonder?) - but I don't doubt it since I think that the allergies in his eyes was really starting to get him down. For any of of you hayfever sufferers out there, you'll totally be able to relate I'm sure :)

So a thousand thank you's to everyone for reading as always and for allowing me the luxury of having this space to connect with all of you and help me to help our fosters.

Here's to Bright Garfield Days ahead!!!


  1. good to hear cutie pie is feeling better !

  2. YAY for Garfield!!

    and no, you aren't reaching.. cats do have emotions, as they have the same portion of the brain that reacts as ours does..

    and as for poop being TMI.. http://www.kittyblog.net/2013/11/what-i-know-lets-talk-poop.html I say poop is very important in a cat's life, and talking about it is important.