Friday, May 10, 2013


Some of you may remember my writing afew weeks ago about "Wallemena" a little wee kitten that former adopters of ours had rescued off of a skid of mulch at a local Walmart in Florida during their winter vacationing there. She was all by her lonesome at the time of discovery, very young (approximately 3-4 weeks), and survival at such a tender age without a nursing Mom to nourish her, is dicey at best.

Her new parents couldn't bare to part with her so they had her vetted and brought her home with them afew weeks ago..............not sure how their existing two kitties would react to a new little friend. Well, it turns out that both resident adult cats view her as a non event, so she's settling in nicely and although she hasn't made friends with them, it does appear that she's won over the heart of another special someone..............

Americus & New BBF "Charlie"


Yes they have renamed her Americus and report that her and Charlie are madly in love with one another!!!!!!!!!!

To think that this little darling started out on a very rough road and now look at her, I'd say she's landed herself a very sweet pad indeed and all the love a baby kitten can stand.

I personally LOVE IT!!

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