Monday, September 10, 2012


I remember when the litter of kittens of which Abner and Hobbs belonged, first arrived and how unreceptive Flossy was to them.  Infact that was so much  the case that I dissuaded a potential adopter from adopting Flossy into her home with one of the little ones, because our Baby Girl's initial behaviour demonstrated what I thought was total hate for them.

Once again I'm shown that I don't know everything in fostering (far from it), and that the bonds that develop between animals is on noone's timetable but their own.  Flossy now interacts, plays with, and enjoys Abner and Hobb's attention immensley - I attribute some of that to the fact that since they've grown, they must appear as more fun and a little less unnerving to a full grown cat! *L*  This past weekend I caught her and Hobbs (who she seems to spend the most time with), snuggled up on the bed together and her proceeding to groom him; then just yesterday I came upon Hobbs alseep in our livingroom and within two seconds, Flossy hopped up and we ended up with this shot:

As I type this, Flossy and Hobbs are engaged in a serious game of hide n' seek and from the sounds of it, she's loving every minute of it!!!


  1. They are truly gorgeous cats.

  2. Love the pink ears and pink paws !! Is Silly jealous now that Flossy seems to have found a new friend ?!