Monday, March 14, 2011


I was somewhat concerned when I found our dominant male's growling and ornery attitude seemingly lingering for longer than normal with our Farley (our latest foster). Unless there are serious personality conflicts (which I'm relieved to report we can literally count on one hand for the all the fosters that have stayed here), the normal displays of disgust with a new roommate are usually subsiding for Rocky "Stinkerboy" - somewhere around the 2 - 2 1/2 week mark. Farley has been here almost a month now, and since I was still hearing and seeing alot of jealousy on Rock's part, a small bit of me began to wonder if perhaps he was just beginning to get really fed up with all of these strangers being paraded through, and just wasn't going to "come around" anymore. **Even typing that now just gives me a dreaded feeling in the pit of my stomach**.

But I forgot that real time cannot be controlled by any of us, and I was relieved and so happy today to see that Rocky & Farley have found that truce that is only understandable between felines........any delay in that is just my own impatience I'm sure, and the time it took if we're honest with ourselves, is when they are ready and not before!

Ahhhh yes, once again our Rocky Rockstar has relented - thank you Monkey Man for being such a good boy.............


  1. I swear its a game. How much can we squabble til we get mom going so much we thinks she's going to blow a coronary.

    Once they get you almost there.. then its like "job done, now we can admit we don't hate each other. Wasn't that fun. Now lets figure out where to hork out our next hairballs...

  2. Everything in its own time ... such a nice photo of Farley and Rocky. Farley looks as though he has lost a bit of weight.